Your Success Is Our Success

VECTOR and TAIPOL SBCs’ unique properties give you competitive advantages. Their hard styrene end-blocks and soft elastomeric mid-blocks allow them to phase separate over a wide temperature range, making them ideal for many high-performance applications.

Available in a variety of isoprene and butadiene mid-block compositions, they come with styrene content from 14 to 45 percent and your choice of linear, radial or tapered molecular architecture. TSRC / Dexco also produces a series of hydrogenated SEBS with a saturated ethylene-butylene midblock.

Our VECTOR SBCs, the first commercialized pure SIS and SBS triblocks, provide enhanced elasticity, cohesive strength and heat resistance. Where the presence of diblock is beneficial, it is made separately and volumetrically added to the triblock prior to finishing.

Additionally, our proprietary four-arm radial technology makes it possible to maintain specifications using lower-cost tackifier resins or extender oils, or to develop higher-performance products not achievable with lower-strength SBC alternatives.

Combining formulating flexibility, exceptional color and molecular stability through precisely controlled processes, TSRC / Dexco delivers every possible opportunity to succeed.

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