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Insight into MA-SEBS (Maleic Anhydride Grafted SEBS)—TAIPOL® 7126 & 7131

Dates: 06.27.18 – 06.27.18

TSRC is pleased to introduce TAIPOL® 7126 and 7131MA-SEBSwhich impart ideal toughness to engineering plastics and compatibilizers for polymers with polarity difference.


Engineering plastics have excellent mechanical, physical and chemical properties; however, they have higher hardness and poor impact resistance under low temperature. Adding MA-SEBS as an impact modifier to the formulationcan help improve engineering plastics’ elasticity, toughness and compatibility with polar materials, and provide more comfortable and softer haptics

Introduction of TAIPOL® 7126 & 7131

TAIPOL® 7126 and 7131 are Maleic Anhydride Grafted SEBS featuring high functional group contents. Both products have excellent compatibility with polar substrates. Ideally they are used as PA6/PA66 modifiers, compounds for PA6/ABS overmolding, and as compatibilizers of PP and wood. The two grades have different melt flow indices respectively for meeting different processing needs.

Potential market application of TAIPOL® 7126 & 7131

Tougheners of engineering plastics, compatibilizers of overmolding and tie layer applications. 

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