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Announcing New SIS Polymer – Vector® 4116N

Dates: 06.01.18 – 06.01.18

Announcing New SIS Polymer – Vector® 4116N

We are pleased to announce the launch of a newly developed SIS Polymer, Vector® 4116N, which is tailor-made for label applications.

Introduction of Vector® 4116N

Vector® 4116N is a styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS) block copolymer with a low styrene content and a mid- to high di-block SI/SIS ratio. It maintains the balance of initial tack and cohesion perfectly by offering high flow and creep resistance together with good wetting properties. In addition, Vector® 4116N has very good die-cutting properties, making it suitable for a wide range of label applications.

About Vector® 4116ND

The free-flowing, dense pellet form of Vector® 4116ND is expected to improve storage, handling, and polymer feeding in comparison with porous pellet SIS polymers. This polymer has the following qualities:

  • Flowability is improved with dense pelletizing
  • VOC and odor are reduced by palletization

Properties are all the same for porous and dense pellet forms

Potential market applications of Vector® 4116N(D)

Pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives for hygiene, label & tape, food packaging and film lamination.

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